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Ryan Booth.


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About Me.

2 Oceans Plumbing & Gas Pty Ltd specialises in residential plumbing, servicing Perth WA and is based in the northern suburbs. The company name pays homage to director Ryan Booth’s South West roots – a magical place where two oceans literally meet. This is where the idea for 2 Oceans Plumbing & Gas was born in 2016. We pride ourselves on honest work and thinking outside the box to solve any plumbing issues.

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My work: Bandaid

This is too good not to share , had a client of mine who is a boilermaker continually patch the tank for the last 5yrs and at last the bottom fell out.. replaced with a Rheem 360 stellar which should provide him with more insulation and efficiency.

My work: Drain repair

We have the contacts to organise a jet drainage machine then camera to map out the problems and then quote to repair. This is the latest drain replacement conducted.

My work: Wet wipes

This is becoming too common and is causing major problems in the main drains and let alone costing the client/tenant a hefty bill, this is 1 bag out of 5 that was filled with wet wipes

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w www.2oceansplumbing.com.au

p +61404082478