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Chris Houghton.

Plumber, CRAIGIE, WA

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About Me.

CRH Plumbing is a local small Plumbing business that specialises in home maintenance and renovations. We believe good communication with clients is key to our business.

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My work: Child Care blockage

Children and toilets are just the gift that keeps giving. Easter egg holder found blocking toilet. We had to kick out old toilet and replace with another. But new toilet is silicone in to make it easier for next time 🤣

My work: Inspection shaft replacement

Cracked sewer inspection shaft was causing blockages. Excavated the junction, replaced pipework. Sand compacted and pavers all put back.

My work: House Filter

Puretec whole house filtration system.

Licenses and Certitifcations.

Building commision

Plumbing Contractors Licence

Energy Safety

Certificate IV Gas fitting

Business Details.

p +61431335680